About us

Hi everyone 

My name is Lisa, a serial entrepreneur and a lover of nature, pugs, swiming, flowers (an ex florist actually) and of course bees!

BEEd was created over covid as I slowly and sadly lost my business Honeybunch due to strict covid restrictions and the inability to continue business as our contries boarders were closed over the pandemic. Nothing like living at the bottom of the world!

During the pandemic I had a wonderful chance to reflect and create, but one thing that I really wanted to achieve over this time was to make a positive change and BEE the change I am always preaching to others.
I decided to create a jar using waste from the hive (aka beeswax) and my special patent pending formulation.

I also learnt over this time how resilient I was, and was truly grateful for the love, support and positivity extended to me over this time… so I’ve made a recommitment to myself to spread positive vibes and positive gifts and bee gardens worldwide so I can pass forward happiness to those who may need a little pick me up!

Enjoy my BEE positive package and BEEd the change 💕🌎🐝😊💃

Love and smiles 😊

Lisa and the pugs Boss and Violet x x