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Stay calm balm

Stay calm balm

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💃 I’ve used it and it’s my opinion that this is a miracle product! Had the best sleep in years and feel relaxed and calm! 

💤 honestly if you have issues sleeping, or with anxiety this organic product presented in our beautiful NO plastic container made of hive waste and formulated technology to be a beautiful vessel that grows lavender gardens when planted after use for our pollinators! 

Stay Calm Balm is formulated with nature's best ingredients to help you remain stress-free and relaxed.

🐝 Beeswax
💜 Lavender Oil
🌳 Sandalwood Oil
🌴 Cocoa Butter
⚡ Sesame Seed Oil
🌿 Olive Oil
🧡 Mandarin Oil
🍯 Manuka honey

🍯 please note that these testers are in development stage with the packaging. I’m just wanting to get everyone on the stay calm balm farm 🌎 💤 ♥️

In the box

As pictured.

Garnished with dried flowers and a positive affirmation card.

Presented and curated with love.

Shipping & Returns

We currently ship from New Zealand. Shipping take between 7-14 days using USPS.

We are aiming to be shipping from Portland Oregon Feb 2023.

If you are not happy with your purchase, please reachout to us via email so we can help resolve any issues.


10 in/5.5in/6.5 in

Care Instructions

In a nutshell, well-stored Manuka Honey and most other honey never expires or spoils, even if its been previously opened. In fact, it's recognized as the only food that doesn't spoil.

Good storing conditions means out of direct sunlight, not exposed to direct heat and isn’t frozen – in these conditions, your manuka honey will last well beyond it’s best before date.

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Curated with positivity …

Wrapped with love, each Bee positive package is carefully hand crafted with thoughtful affirmations and sent with pure intentions to brighten someone’s day, whilst planting bee gardens along the way!

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    Your purchase helps the incredible team at Bee Informed Partnership to help educate and support bee keepers and the public to help increase the bee population.

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